Exact Poker Basics
    A "must have" poker guide for every amateurs!



Our ebook doesn't attend to sell you the "Let me show you how you can earn big money at poker..." or "Learn now how can you play poker as a pro..." but to put together necessary information like: rules of the poker game, variations of it and the most important thing what you should do at a poker table or how you must behave at a poker table - things you shouldn't do ratter than things you should do.

Further more we would like to give you the table contents of the ebook:
 Chapter 1. Standard rules of Poker
  1.1 The Deck of cards
  1.2 Dealing cards
  1.3 Poker Variations
  1.4 The object of the game
  1.5 Poker hands
  1.6 The pot, ante and betting
  1.7 Limits to betting
  1.8 Banker
 Chapter 2. Ainít Misbehaviní (atitude at poker table)
  2.1 Confession
  2.2 Know your game
  2.3 Mumís the word
  2.4 Be gracious in defeat
  2.5 Control Yourself
  2.6 Watch your language
  2.7 Donít be the snitch
  2.8 Be humble in victory
 Chapter 3. Texas Holdíem
  3.1 About...
  3.2 Concise rules
  3.3 What are the odds?
  3.4 Hand Nicknames
  3.5 Extended Texas Holdíem rules
 Chapter 4. The Top Ten Poker Legends

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Have a look inside and see what it can do for you and what you can learn!
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